The Firewood for Warmth - Elena Orlenova

Issue Five

Fall 2017

  • “Cradle Your Darlings” by Erin O'Malley
  • "Grand Mal" by Jim Zola
  • "October Poem" by Julia Rose Lewis
  • "The Birds Peck Out Her Eyes" by Becca Borawski Jenkins
  • Two (2) Poems by Alexandra Reisner:
    • "tougher market"
    • "A Letter to Imaginary Future Boyfriends"
  • Two (2) Poems by Preeti Vangani:
    • "Saat samundar paar mein tere peeche peeche aa gayi"
    • "I am thirteen and a half years old"
  • “The Resurrected" by Mariya Deykute
  • "Fishmonger" by Jason G. Santerre
  • “Benediction" by Aaron Brame
  • "The Nets That Ensnare Us" by Angela Enos
  • "Measures of Viability" by Agatha Beins
  • "BEAR" by David Morgan O'Connor
  • "Chicken Hearts" by Kirsten Voris
  • Two (2) Poems by Amanda Yskamp
    • "Sisters"
    • "Gulo Gulo"
  • "In a Small Pond" by Joelle Jameson

Featuring original art by Sarah Zar, Helena Martin, and Elena Orlenova