• “Mice Elves, Cross Country” by Jon Chaiim McConnell

  • Three (3) Poems by June Rockefeller: “The Widow Goes Berry Picking, ” “Insomnia," “The Lost Boys”

  • Three (3) Poems by David McAleavey: “Being Beauteous,” “Drifters, “Dawn”

  • “David Bowie Sleeps with 1001 Arabian Nights Next to His Bed” by Simon Jacobs

  • Two (2) Poems by Anna G. Richardson: “Darling,” “Violins, Violence, Silence: Bruce Nauman’s Discovery”

  • “Losing a Language” by Caitlin Barasch

  • Two (2) Poems by Matt Dennison: “Hammer Face, “Home Truth”

  • “The One You Loved” by Lori Baker Martin

Featuring original art by Duane Hosein, Miles Lewis, Bogdan Lucut, and Todd Cooper