• “Birds” by Angela Ross Perfetti

  • “Like Teeth” by Mandala Laura

  • “Bayou Dream” by Holly Lyn Walrath

  • "I Wonder If God Sees Me Through My Father” by Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto

  • “something resembling good news" by Hal Y. Zhang

  • Two (2) Poems by S.R. Aichinger

    “Doxology for the Rest of Us"


  • “Open House” by Victoria Nordlund

  • “This is How You Love a Coyote” by Melissa Nigro

  • “Aquarium" by Kyle Heger

  • Planet Bingo” by P.C. Vandall

  • Two (2) Poems by James Croal Jackson

    “Vibration of a Single Degree"


  • “Snakes” by M.M. Nickolai

  • Two (2) Poems by Laurie Kolp

    “Washed Ashore"


    Featuring original art by David Weinholtz and Michelle Nguyen.