Untitled #9 - Eleanor Leonne Bennett

Issue Two

Summer 2014

  • “he told me a story” by Caleb Tankersley
  • "Rapunzel" by Kevin Heaton
  • Two (2) Poems by Cassandra de Alba: 
    • A personal dictionary
    • Visiting
  • "Heathen" by Maurice Carlos Ruffin
  • Three (3) Poems by Charlotte Seley
    • "The White Diamonds Are a Necklace of Feathers" 
    • “Beard Island, Population: 1” 
    • “Attila”
  • “Museums for Whales” by Luke Jones
  • “Mission Intermission" by Pamela Painter
  • “Go South Forever” by Kelly A. Jones
  • “Cold-blooded” by Laura Garrison
  • “The Machine" by Rebecca Podos
  • “Begging for Sex (Chick-shoo-loob)” by Rushing Pittman
  • “A Handful of Precipices" by Jillian Blackwell
  • “Sunbeam Mixmaster” by L.M. Webster
  • “Over a Beer" by Frederick Pollack
  • “Collaboration” by Ankita Anand

Featuring original art by Stephanie Kinkel, Amy Taylor, Eleanor Leonne Bennett, Wes Fjeldheim, and John Pritchett